Azharul Islam

The Founder & Executive Chairman – Aftab Group

Born in 1948, son of Late Alhaj Aftab Uddin Ahmed, had his early education in M.Com. specially in Management related subjects with creditably. Who is endowed with the Chairman of Uttara Bank Limited. In the early years, he gained a series of experiences by being involved in the management of the Groups diversified business operations. He devoted himself at the very outset of the company and found a ladder of progress by his undaunted efforts with the passage of time. He has been the key person all the time that revolves around the Company at any stage towards the growth in keeping harmony with the socio-economic factors. He is fond of taking challenges and showing acceptability, responsibility and accountability in every sphere of business activities.


Iftekharul Islam

Chairman & Managing Director – Aftab Group

Born in 1980, son of Azharul Islam, had his academic career in Commerce graduation accompanies with Bar-at-Law later on. Who is leading the position of Vice Chairman of Uttara Bank Limited. He attained valuable experience by being involved in the management of groups diversified business operations. His outstanding personality and go and get it attitude made him leading the company staying at the front and remaining as one of the top companies in the country. He cherished a dream that came into existence as “Aftab Group” now a day. He is playing a major role in the field of administration development, innovation and expansion of every Concern belongs to this Group.